” All PIONEER MUSIC ACADEMY activities are our un shake able belief in the value of music education an by on overarching desire to inspire achievement in music”

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JS – FOUNDER – Pioneer music academy . ESTD. 1995

                            Pioneer academy of arts ESTD 2008

          Director – PMA school of music ESTD 2013

Guidelines for Pioneer Music Students:

  • Practice at least half an hour per day.
  • Hear Different genre of music (Film Songs, Pop, Rock, Western Classical & Carnatic.)
  • Taking the notes from the piece to develop their control or sound.
  • Playing the piece with their best sound.
  • Making up some pulse activities based on the pulse of the piece.
  • Playing the piece with their best posture.
  • Playing the piece with as much expression as possible.
  • Improvising and composing (Grade Students) their own pieces using the same ingredients.
  • Writing something down – It may be simply copying a symbol or it may be notating their own piece in some way. Further activities can then be generated from their own notation.

 Improve Your Playing Skills

Reading (a new Piece)

Hearing (It in their Head)

Playing (the Piece)

Writing (based on some ingredient/s from the piece)

Reading (their own notation)



js column
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